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Vladimir Mitin


Research Laboratory Development and Supervisions

Research Laboratory Development

Vladimir Mitin has developed the research Laboratory Materials, Device and Circuit Simulations Laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Wayne. In August 2003 he moved the Laboratory to the University at Buffalo. He has interaction with several researchers inside and outside the university and recruit faculty, postdocs and students to work in the laboratory. After graduation, students are mostly working as device and circuits simulation software developers.


Since 1992 supervised up to six persons each semester (visitors, postdocs, Ph.D. and MS students) 

Ph.D. Dissertations Completed at Wayne State University (total 19)

Jae Kyu Choi, Design, Growth, and Characterization of Terahertz and Mid-Infrared Detectors Based on Nanostructures, F2009-S2013. Initial employer SK Hynix, in Seoul, Korea, choejaekyu@gmail.com .


Kai Wang, 2DEG Hot Electron Microbolometer for Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wavelength Heterodyne Sensing, F2008-F2011. Initial and current employer: Reticle Inspection Division, KLA-Tencor, kwang3ub@gmail.com.


Rahul Ramaswamy, Hot Electron Gallium Nitride Two Dimensional Electron Gas Nanobolometers for Advanced THz Spectroscopy, S2007-F2011. Initial and current employer: Intel, Portland, OR, stn.rahul@gmail.com.


Roman Olac-vaw, Toward Nanoscale Material Applications: Colloidal Quantum Dot Memory and Multi-Layer Graphene Electronics and Optoeletronics, F2007-S2011. Initial employer: ASEE-NSF post-doc at Esensors, Buffalo, NY and currently with Intel, Portland Technology Development (PTD), Derivative Technology Development, olacvawr@gmail.com.


Li-Hsin Chien, Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors Based on Structures with Potential Barriers: Modeling and Optimization, F2007-F2010. Initial employer: Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX.


Andrei Antipov, Quantum Dots: Structures, Properties, and Application. S2006-S2010. Dr. Antipov returned back to his countr of origin upon graduation and currently with Moscow Pedagogical University, Russia.


Matthew Bell, Topological Excitations and Fluctuations in Superconducting Nanostripes. F2004 S2008. Initial employer Rutgers University, NJ, currently Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Boston: mtbell@physics.rutgers.edu.


Rustam Bashirov, Computer Simulation of Semiconductor Ballistic Devices in Nanoscale Quantum Limit. F1999 - S2004. Dr. Bashirov returned back to his country of origin upon graduation and currently with Russian Academy of Sciences.


Nizami Vagidov, Computer Simulation of Nonconventional Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices, F'1997 S2001. Initial employer: Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, currently at the University at Buffalo, Nizami@buffalo.edu.


Irina Gordion, Switching waves in Gate Controlled Thyristor-Like Structures, W'1997 W2000. Initial employer: WaveBand Corporation, CA, currently with ANSYSs, Irvine, CA, irina_gordion@hotmail.com.


Alexander Brailovsky, Numerical Simulation of Diode and Thyristor-like Structures for Power and Optoelectronic Applications, F'1996 - S1999. Initial employer: WaveBand Corporation, CA currently Principal RF Engineer at the Sierra Nevada Corporation, Irvine, abrailovsky@hotmail.com.


Valeri Korobov, Numerical Simulation of Multivalued Thyristor - Like Semiconductor Devices, W1993 - F1998. Initial and current employer: Ford Motor Company, MI, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/valeri-korobov/1b/984/640 .


Gediminas Paulavicius, Computer-Aided Analysis of Nonequilibrium Optical-Phonon Effects in Nanoscale n-GaAs Devices and Structures, W'1995 - W'1998. Initial employer: Synopsys, Inc., currently with Cadence, CA, gedas00722@yahoo.com.


Remis Gaska, Modeling of Hot Carrier Relaxation in Quantum Wires, F'1992 - F'1996. Initial employer: University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, currently President and CEO of Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc., gaska@s-et.com .


Saulius Kersulis, Simulation of Growth of Semiconductors, W'1993 - F'1996. Initial employer: Synopsys, Inc., currently with Cadence, CA, skersulis@yahoo.com.


Pankaj Shah, Numerical Simulation of Semiconductor Light Emitters Based on the AlGaInN Material system and based on Novel Multiterminal GaAs thyristors, F'1992 - F'1996. Initial and current employer: Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, pankaj.shah@us.army.mil.


Yuri Sirenko, Microscopic Models for Computer-Aided Design of Semiconductor Devices with Low-Dimensional Electron Gas, W'1992 - F'1994. Initial employer: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, , currently at Synopsys, CA, Yuri.Sirenko@synopsys.com, sirenko@comcast.net.


Nikolai Bannov, Electron Scattering, Transport, and Noise in Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures, F'1991 - F'1994. Initial employer: North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, currently at Synopsys, CA, Nick.Bannov@synopsys.com, bannov@yahoo.com.


Rimvydas V. Mickevicius, Hot Electron Scattering, Transport, and Noise in Quasi-One-Dimensional Semiconductor Structures, W'1991 - F'1993. Initial employer: Rutgers University, NJ, currently at Synopsys, CA, Rimvydas.Mickevicius@synopsys.com, vidas2@comcast.net.


Master's Theses Completed at Wayne State University (total - 4)

Julia Eizenkop, Computer Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Phonons Propagation and Transformation in GaAs/GaAlAs Heterostructures, W'1999 - W'2000.

Gediminas Paulavicius, Computer-Aided Analysis of Novel Semiconductor Devices Based on Nonequilibrium Phonon Effects in Low Dimensional n-GaAs Structures, W'1994 - W'1995.

Vadim Aristov, Computer Simulation of Electron Scattering and Conductivity in Low Dimensional Structures, F'1992 - S'1995.

Lakshmi Narayama Kethamreddy, Electron Transport in Quasi-One-Dimensional GaAs/AlAs Quantum Wires, F'1992 - F'1993.

Current Research Group

Two Researchers: A. Sergeev and N. Vagidov.